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Optometrist in Rahway

Optometrist in Rahway
Optometrist in Rahway

People who live with some kind of vision impairment are always thinking about how they are going to be able to achieve the quality of vision that they need in order to go about their lives from day to day. One way that millions of people achieve the quality of vision that they need is by wearing prescription glasses. If you regularly wear glasses in order to see, then it is important that your eyeglasses fit well and that your prescription is as up to date as possible. Here at Eyes On You, our optometrist in Rahway can provide you with all of the vision services that you need in order to do so.

Your vision is always subject to change, even if you have not seen any obvious changes or if you have lived most of your life with perfect vision. Even individuals with perfect vision have been known to experience vision changes later on in life, and they usually occur after the age of 40 or so, but there is no telling when a vision change may actually occur. Unless you have a serious eye related health problem, then the quality of your vision may not change drastically all at once. Usually, the quality of your vision changes very slowly and gradually, which can make it difficult to discern whether you are experiencing any changes at all. This may mean that you won’t notice that your eyesight has changed until it has done so drastically. While some people practice this, it is not good for your eye health. You need to wear the proper prescription lenses as often as possible. Otherwise you may experience eye strain, headaches, blurry vision and you may also have difficulty focusing on objects around you. Here at Eyes On You our optometrist in Rahway can make sure that your vision is up to speed and that any necessary changes are made to your optical prescription.

We here at Eyes On You also make sure that your eyeglasses fit properly as well. Glasses that are too tight can cause serious headaches and may even cut off blood circulation. If glasses are too loose, they may easily slip, or fall off and potentially break. If you are in need of a prescription change or you need to find well-fitting glasses, our optometrist in Rahway here at Eyes On You can help.

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