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Rahway Glaucoma Treatment

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Rahway glaucoma treatment
Rahway glaucoma treatment

Having a periodic eye exam is critical as it allows our optometrist to screen your eyes for many different eye diseases. One of the most common eye diseases in the United States is glaucoma. Glaucoma is often called the silent thief of sight because glaucoma shows no symptoms in the early stages. And, during these early stages, glaucoma can cause permanent vision damage. The good news is, with early diagnosis, glaucoma can be stopped in its tracks and our patient does not need to suffer any vision loss. If you have glaucoma and need Rahway glaucoma treatment, or want to have diagnostic testing to make sure that you do not have this serious eye disease, contact us for an appointment.

At our eye care practice, Eyes On You, our expert optometrist is Dr. Michelle Y. Williams. Dr. Williams provides patients with comprehensive eye exams as well as Rahway glaucoma treatment. Glaucoma is a collection of conditions that can cause optic nerve damage. The main culprit that causes eye damage is high eye pressure, otherwise known as intraocular pressure. However, this is not always the cause of damage to the optic nerve. Glaucoma is not a condition that comes on suddenly. In fact, it comes on so gradually that patients do not notice that they have had any vision loss at all; the eye damage continues to occur unnoticed until the disease is in an advanced stage. As part of a comprehensive eye exam, our optometrist is able to provide you with early diagnosis of glaucoma which will greatly minimize or totally prevent optic nerve damage. Early stage glaucoma can easily be treated with prescription eye drops and monitored by our optometrist to make sure that it is not advancing. Advanced cases of glaucoma need treatment with laser surgery or other surgery to make sure that the condition does not proceed to an even more advanced state.

Glaucoma can have several different symptoms, once symptoms begin to appear. If the eye pressure rises to very high levels, this can cause eye pain, blurred vision, severe headache, or halos around lights. Eyes can also appear to look hazy, and the patient may experience tunnel vision. Nausea can also be present. When our optometrist is diagnosing glaucoma she will give you a dilated eye exam using medicated eye drops. She will view the optic nerve which will have a specific look about it when glaucoma is present. Our eye doctor will also test your eye pressure with a special instrument. Our eye doctor will also check to see if you have any loss of side, also known as peripheral vision. For an appointment for glaucoma testing or Rahway glaucoma treatment, contact us today.

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