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Contact Lens Evaluations in Linden

What is a contact lens evaluation and why would you want to have one done? Here at Eyes on You, our goal is to make sure that you can enjoy optimal vision at all times, but that’s not possible if your contacts are causing you discomfort or pain, or if they are not letting you take full advantage of the prescription as written. Our Linden optometry will make sure that you are fully prepared to have a great experience when wearing contact lenses.

Our eye doctor will conduct a complete eye exam, which is highly recommended for all adults annually. However, when it comes to contacts, the checkup needs to be even more thorough than it already is. Your corneas, conjunctiva, and eyelids touch the lenses whenever they are in your eyes. This, of course, is not a concern when you choose eyeglasses. If there is any reason to suspect that you have an eye issue that could pose an obstacle to you wearing contact lenses, an assessment is done, which may consist of discussing potential treatment options, or your decision to go with eyeglasses instead. Assuming that everything checks out, you will get a prescription from our eye doctor that our Linden optometry then fills. Before doing so, you will have the opportunity to go more deeply into our contact lens evaluation by being fitted. There are different types of lenses, and you may not find all of them to be to your liking. Once you make your choice, our Linden optometry puts the prescription into the type of lenses you’re getting and then helps you to center them ideally for optimal vision correction.

Reach out to our office today to arrange an appointment for our contact lens evaluation. It’s a minimal effort and well worth it because you will love how your contacts feel when you put them in.

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