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Contact lenses in Linden NJ

Linden NJ optician
Linden NJ optician

There have been some impressive advantages in contact lens technology of late, and the result is that they provide better vision and are more comfortable than at any time before. At Eyes On You, we have both types of contact lenses: soft, and rigid gas permeable. Whatever your needs and preferences, our Linden NJ optician will fit you with the ideal contacts.

Rigid gas permeable take a bit more effort in order to grow accustomed to them than soft lenses do. But that effort is rewarded with sharper and clearer vision. In addition, severe nearsightedness and astigmatism are corrected most effectively with rigid gas permeable contacts from our Linden NJ optician. Where soft lenses offer advantages is in the fact that they are the most comfortable contacts you can wear. You also can select from among three categories of them. Daily wear allow you to put them in and keep them for up to 12 hours. You then remove them to clean and prepare for the next day. If you don’t like to engage in maintenance, you can select disposables. They are worn just one time and then discarded. Nothing could be easier. And for the fun of trying on a whole new eye color, go with color-changing. You don’t even need vision correction to benefit from them. Use them simply as a fashion accessory. In order for our Linden NJ optician to supply you with the perfect contact lenses, you will first need an examination from our eye doctor. This will ensure that you are getting the ideal prescription to see your very best at all distances.

Neither type of contact lens is better than the other. It’s all about what you feel most comfortable with. Schedule an examination at our Linden NJ optician office. Call us today. We’ll make sure that you are happy with your vision and how your contacts fit.

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