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LASIK Consultation in Rahway

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LASIK Consultation in Rahway
LASIK Consultation in Rahway

Do you wish that you could see clearly without your prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses? Are you becoming increasingly irritated by the fact that you are dependent on prescription lenses in order to see clearly? If so, you may want to consider getting LASIK eye surgery. This eye surgery is able to help patients reduce or even eliminate their need for prescription eyeglasses. However, not all patients qualify for this surgery. If you would like to come in to our eye care practice for a refractive surgery consultation, all you need to do is make an appointment to see our optometrist for a LASIK consultation in Rahway.

At our eye care practice, Eyes On You, our top-notch optometrist is Dr. Michelle Williams. She sees many patients who are thinking about having LASIK surgery. Patients come to her for refractive surgery consultation to make sure they are good candidates for the surgery. When it comes to LASIK surgery, it is very important that you are a good candidate for the procedure. LASIK is one of the safest eye procedures available today – and it is very effective in correcting the problem it is meant to treat. However, if you are not a good candidate for the surgery the LASIK surgery may not work. It can even make your vision worse. For this reason, ophthalmologists generally will not provide LASIK surgery unless the patient has successfully undergone a LASIK surgery pre-evaluation. If you want to have a LASIK consultation in Rahway, that can be easily provided by our optometrist.

During a LASIK pre-surgery consultation our optometrist will ask you several questions about your medical health. She will also give you a very thorough eye exam to make sure that your eyes are healthy enough for the surgery. Our optometrist will also make sure that your cornea is thick enough to undergo the surgery; during surgery a flap is made in the cornea through which the surgery is performed. Our optometrist will also discuss your reasons for wanting the surgery to determine what your expectations are and whether or not these are reasonable expectations. She will be able to inform you about other available procedures to improve your vision. Our optometrist will also measure your refractive vision to make sure that the changes you need in your vision fall within the parameters that the surgery can achieve. If you would like to see our optometrist for a complete and thorough LASIK consultation in Rahway, contact us today.

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