Eye doctor in Tremley

Eye Doctor in Tremley

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Dry Eyes and Winter weather in Tremley

Eye doctor in Tremley
Eye doctor in Tremley

Winter weather can be incredibly dry. From the arid air that comes with the cold to the annoyances of static electricity, winter weather can be difficult and troublesome to deal with. Here at Eyes On You, our eye doctor in Tremley can provide you with eye care to resolve, reduce and manage any side effects of the winter weather on your eyes.

The cold, crisp air can be rather harsh on eyes, drying them out, irritating them, or even making your eyes tear excessively if the wind is particularly strong. Even the heating indoors can have an effect on your eyes, too. Many people experience allergies from the dust that comes out of heating vents and may experience a whole other world of irritation both indoors and outdoors. But it is important that irritants are kept under control. Your eyes need to remain lubricated and clear in order to stay healthy. Dry eyes can be dangerous in that they do not have the layer of moisture to protect them from dust, dirt, and other airborne particles. Dry eyes may also be more susceptible to allergens because there is not enough tear production to wash them away and flush them out. Here at Eyes On You, our eye doctor in Tremley can help provide relief for dry eyes in wintertime, as well as chronically. Some individuals suffer from chronic dry eye, which can yield the same eye health-related dangers. We can also help provide treatment for allergies as well. Some individuals benefit from the regular use of eyedrops whereas others may also need ointments at night or may need to consider getting an eye mask.

Depending on your particular winter weather symptoms, our eye doctor in Tremley here at Eyes On You can offer you the proper treatment and solve the issue. Call us today to learn more or book your appointment for a consultation.

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