Eye doctor in Tremley

Eye Doctor in Tremley

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Not only does our eye doctor in Tremley at Eye On You provide the highest quality eye care through comprehensive examination using our state-of-the-art optical diagnostic technology to detect and diagnose eye diseases but also by prescribing the best vision corrections necessary for optimal eyesight. Our practice also places a great deal of emphasis on educating our patients on everything to do with the eyes and vision including common ailments and treatments that are not due to serious medical conditions.

A common complaint that our eye doctor in Tremley hears is that many of our patients suffer from dry eyes in the winter. This seasonal complaint can differ from a chronic eye condition called Dry Eye Syndrome, which bothers sufferers all year long but may still get worse during the winter. During the winter our eyes go from an outside climate that is cold and windy to an indoor climate that is hot and very dry, both these climates can dry out our natural tears and make them insufficient to keep the eyes lubricated. The eyes can get dry, irritated, itchy, burning and can even develop blurry vision. Our practice recommends that you try some simple solutions to relieve your dry eyes including humidifying your home to keep the moisture up in the 30-55 percent range required to keep the eye lubricated. Other solutions are to keep yourself hydrated, increase your intake of omega-3 to help combat inflammation of the tear glands closing off the tear flow, avoid the hot air blowing directly on your face while in the front seat of a car and apply warm moist compresses to your eyes to open up those tear ducts.

If these simple solutions don’t help relieve your symptoms our eye doctor in Tremley has some more treatment options. Our doctor will recommend the best OTC artificial tears drops for your condition. There are also several prescription medications that can treat underlying Dry Eye Syndrome as well as laser surgery for extreme cases. Don’t let the winter hamper your vision let our doctor check whether your dry eyes are just a temporary condition or something more chronic.

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